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Darrin Miller Headshot


"Something about his music is just... different."

- Bryan Ensign, Bachelor Vision Productions

Darrin Miller Collage

"His music is what gets me through the day."

- Texas based listener.

Darrin Miller has had a full life at the age of 30.


Married with 6 children, Darrin grew up in a small town about an hour from San Antonio, Texas. Darrin's family life was unsteady and chaotic. The youngest of three, and son to a known gang associate, Darrin was no stranger to trouble. ​

In 2010, Darrin was arrested 7 times on 9 charges and was labeled as a member of organized crime. Facing years in prison Darrin cried out to the Lord for help and offered up his life in exchange for mercy. Fast forward to 2014, and Darrin had become a full-time pastor, he was married with 2 children and all of his charges had been dismissed from court by the grace of God. The life he once knew was no more.


Darrin began his music journey by learning to sing and play guitar for church. After writing and performing about 5 dozen worship songs in local events, Darrin sought new ways to express the gospel and minister to others through music.

Feb, 2021, Darrin released his EP, "Entrance," a bold, message-driven EP that sought to share the gospel through Hip-Hop. By Sept. 2021, Darrin had finished recording his first full length album, DREAMS, and worked with various other Christian artists such as Hilgy, ASAP Preach, Brett Raio, and Adrian Butler to produce unique and intriguing Christian Hip Hop.

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